Contemporary Guitar 5 – Eugenio Mirti

In my humble opinion, Magnus Öström ‘s “Searching For Jupiter” is one of the most brilliant records of 2013 and I strongly recommend you to buy it. It is the second record of his new quartet (following 2010’s “Thread Of Life”) and it is really interesting and worth listening.

I’ve spent some time in transcribing the first track, “The Moon And The Air It Moves”. The  time signature is 4/4, but it is not played straight; Öström divides the eights using a classic Indian Tal technique, the accents being these: 3+3+3+4+3. You can find some hints about indian Tal here.

The B section is written in 12/8, so there is a smooth passage from the initial 3+3+3+4+3 to the 3+3+3+3 section.

Notice  the nice riffs played by Daniel Karlsson on piano: the intro line as well as the obbligato line of the 12/8 section.

I love Andreas Hourdakis’ guitar playing . He has  played the theme mainly  using  fourths intervals, and the effect  is really evocative and graceful. Hourdakis  is a very interesting musician (all the members of this quartet are incredible!) , and you can check is solo playing on another tune of the CD, “Dancing at the Dutchtreat”, to fully appreciate is fluent lines with lots of arpeggios.

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Have fun!