Pleased to meet you: Eugenio Mirti Interviews Eddie Gazani

Nota: sono stato a lungo incerto se tradurre l’intervista in italiano, ma infine ho deciso di lasciarla in originale in inglese. Buona lettura. EM


Eddie Gazani: a short presentation of you and of your work for our readers.

Hi there! My name Eddie Gazani, I was born in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, amongst the many different musical rhythms and styles that have shaped my love for music; From Bossa Nova to Forro’, Samba or American soul, music was always present in my daily life. After living in Europe for many years, I currently live in Australia…Well, I’ve been living in France for the last two and half months where I had some performances and have been writing lots, but I’m off to Rio in ten days before returning to Brisbane in Australia. I sing! I Compose, I play guitar, bass, flute, piano and percussion, I perform and teach music and I write lyrics, prose and poetry. That’s what I do for work, which I really love doing it, and it doesn’t feel like work.

In a world that rewards specialization, you are a multi tasking oriented musician: guitar player, singer, songwriter, flute player, you know many styles of music… What are the benefits and disadvantages of this attitude?

The advantage is that you can play more music! And as a composer and arranger is good to know the limitations and capabilities of the instruments you are writing/arranging for.

Music is a language, and to be able to speak the different dialects, as in being able to play and compose or improvise in different styles, is a wonderful opportunity to learn about different musical traditions and cultures. It is traveling the world without living the room or your instrument.

But when we talk about technique or virtuosity, and it is your goal to be the most amazing guitarist, or the most rhymester rapper in the world, then you better sit down and practice; and put the attention and effort in what you want to achieve. It’s like what Thomas Edison said: “ten percent inspiration and ninety percent perspiration!”

It is, for me, really about clarity! There are no disadvantages. What do you want from music? She’s a good mistress and will give you what you ask for as long as you’re clear, and treat her with the respect she deserves. The thing is! Once you achieve your goal; it is never what you expect and it metamorphosis into something else, the beauty and the secret is in the journey!

Wich are the musicians that inspired you the most? Your top 10 records list?

So many musicians have inspired me over the years that would be so hard to mention all of them! But here are the top 10 albums and I guess some of these amazing people must be in this list!

1-Chega de Saudade by Joao Gilberto

2- Antonio Brasileiro   by Tom Jobim

3- O melhor de Luiz Gonzaga

4- The ladies sing jazz by Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald, Hellen Humes, Abbey Lincoln and Billy Holiday.

5- Kind of Blue by Miles Davis

6-Geraes by Milton Nascimento

7- Unplugged by Nirvana

8- The very best of John Coltrane

9- Millenium by Caetano Veloso

10- Um violao na roda de choro By Ze Paulo Becker

Define yourself with three adjectives!

Persistent, Positive, Enological

Your goal for 2014?

Finish a novel I’ve being writing, record an album and end world hunger.

Wich suggestions would you give to some youngsters that would like to have a try in living in the music biz?

 Believe in yourself, be persistent, and create goals and strategies to achieve those goals. Small steps can lead to big things.

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